Psychological consultation

Consultation is a specialized psychological assistance for clients, with various personal or social related problems, performed according to a specific methodology and with the deliberate participation of the client.

The purpose of the consultation the creation of conditions, which should promote and support the independent and conscious behavior of the client when making a choice and/or taking decisions regarding a particular problem or a situation. Specifically, the goals of psychological counseling can be:

1. Related to mental health issues such as coping with distress, situational anxiety, sorrow of loss, etc.

2. Related to solving life problems (work, marriage, communication)

3. Related to personal development such as reinforcing mental strength, helping autonomy, self-actualization, etc.

4. Other goals related to the emotional sphere, communication, and social competence.

One of the main requirements is providing confidentiality.. The obligation of the psychologist to protect the privacy of the relationship with the client, which is a derivative of the more common, but central ethical and legal value of the human rights for personal self-determination and personal inviolability.

As well as at individual level, the consultation could be performed also at a group or organizational/corporate level. The transformation of the organizations from closed into open social systems reflecting the social influences is one of the main challenges of modern management.

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